Friday, May 1, 2009


     I do not by any means consider myself an over zealously political person, but check it. We all know that presidents are chosen behind the curtain, and elections are a bunch a crap, blah blah blah. Big whoop. I found this dvd left on my girlfriends windshield the other day, I guess since she drives a Honda CRV and lives in San Francisco she voted for Obama. She did! And so did I, who'd a thunk it? Well this movie made me sad. I was stoked to witness the first black president elected, and still am. But dag, what a bummer! Way to reiterate what we all all ready know, Alex Jones. Rich white people are in charge and planning on world domination. Get your guns ready folks, it's all down hill from here. KRS-One and Professor Griff make cameos and drop some pretty heavy knowledge though, good shit. I thought both those guys were dead.  

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