Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Just Blew My Mind

     So from time to time I press the "next blog" icon to see how other folks pail in comparison to how cool I am. Well I just pushed it, and this shit comes up. Wow. That is my home town this person is talking about. It's surrounded by some of most beautiful mountains on earth and they stop at a fucking McDonald's. She even spelled the name of the city wrong. Jesus fucking Christ! This shit is priceless. It blows my mind how ignorant and uncultured some people are, but at least it's good for a laugh, right? Keep on rockin' in the free world sister. Be sure to read the quote I took from her blog below, it's pretty amazing. To see more of this "special" persons blog click here. Bitch didn't even stop to help the injured person. What the fuck?!?      
"After Mooresville we drove 3 hours into the mountains to a cute little town called Ashville. We had two purposes in Ashville and the first was this McDonalds. A couple of weeks before Calvin and Karissa were watching a television program on McDonalds in the world and this was one that was included as America's fanciest McDonalds. It had a fireplace, a baby grand piano, and some pretty fantastic bathrooms! The food was the same but the ambiance was fabulous. Right as we were leaving we saw a woman who had gotten hit by a truck in the parking lot. She was laying on the ground right next to our vehicle so I had to back the vehicle out around her body while Karissa directed me. But that's another story altogether..."

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  1. I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I read that shit!