Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aquadust Negative Space Free Download

     This is going to sound stupid and romantic, but to me this whole free music at your finger tips via the internet thing is pretty awesome. Not because you can get whatever you want without paying for it, but because I see it taking things back to the essence. I like to think it will return music to where it was before big industry crapped all over it. Returning it to the core of what it was and is supposed to be about, community, oral tradition, artistry, blah blah blah. I know this won't happen, but whatever, I like to overanalyze things. I'm all for fools getting their paper right, but it's really all about the music and the act of sharing your creation, in my opinion. That being said, this is an Instrumental album that I put out myself around 2007. It's not mastered and is pretty jenky, but I love it and hope you will too. So have it for free, I'm sick of trying to make money off of this shit. Just listen to it. Download it free HERE.

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