Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Al Lover "Baby Please" Video

So I got this new project that I'm gonna put up next month entitled Creative Controlled, and this is the track I chose for the "single", bout to have so much radio play. Yeah, check it out. I threw this together myself today thanks to piracy, and technology spliced up footage from a Russ Meyers flick, early 60's R&B sample, and conga drums. I think the narrative to the video goes as follows - Old girl is playing music and video games, and is getting tired of the video games, since video games are lame. Anyhow, she hears the music calling out to her, and she starts getting turned on. Being the stand up broad she is, she decides to return the favor to the music by seducing the record player. Yeah, that sounds good to me. So, I forgot my blog page for some reason will not show the entire YouTube screen, to see the video in full panoramic view click HERE

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