Sunday, October 16, 2011

Movin' on Down the Line

Dear those out there who listen from space,

I started fuckin' with this tumblr thing and am gonna be posting updates on there from now on, I think. Seems cool and all the kids are doing it so I better jump on the band wagon. I'm sure though by now there's some new website that will surpass that soon enough. If anyone gives a shit you can peep it here...

Also, all my previous releases that were available as full length one track mixes on this blog have all been mastered, sectioned into separate tracks for a less annoying listening experience and are up for free download on the new site under the "Albums" section.

Thanks for listening,
Al Lover

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bago - Bad on the Bottle Al Lover Remix

Bago - Bad on the Bottle Remix by Al Lover

This is a remix of a Song my man Alexander Spit produced a little while back by a dope new singer from LA named Bago. This shit gets weird.
Download the Remix HERE
Peep the original joint as well HERE

Al Lover - Distorted Reverberation

The latest release a few months too late. Sampled from current garage and psych bands.
Download for free HERE

Press Release......

Picking up where his highly acclaimed 'Safe as Milk Replica' left off, San Francisco producer Al Lover presents his latest work 'Distorted Reverberations (of Reverberating Distortion)'. Continuing his journey into the depths of fuzzed out boom bap chaos, 'Distorted' is a collection of some of today's best garage and psych rock tunes sampled and chopped up into tweaked-out, neck snapping instrumental hip-hop slabs.

From the crunchy deconstruction of Ty Segall's version of "Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart", driven by spastic breaks, piercing tambourine and haunting guitar howls, to the phased out twangy tones and grimy claps of Davila 666's "Yo Seria Otro", that resembles what a peyote trip into the future might sound like, 'Distorted' sifts through to the rhythm and blues roots of current psychedelic rock and mutilates it over classic breaks in a "wall of sound" fashion not unlike classic Bomb Squad or Dust Brothers production, only drenched in liquid acid.

Inspired by the revitalized garage, and psych scene in SF, Al Lover takes his own approach to the effects used by local bands and applies them to his MPC with the aid of various guitar pedals and recording techniques. The layering of different tones and effects used on the samples produces a beefy, aggressive, original sound not heard in instrumental hip-hop today. The Idea being to experiment with new ideas while directly siting influences and source material as a way of sharing the music sampled with those who have yet to hear it, thus hopefully helping to further connect the underground music community.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fist Fam Interview with Sound in the Signals Magazine

Check out the new SOUND IN THE SIGNALS online mag with great interviews with Fist Fam, 87 Stick up Kids and more. Read the full magazine HERE

Monday, December 27, 2010

Al Lover - Safe as Milk Replica

So here it is, one last final free download of the year. This one might be my favorite, fuzzed out psychedelic boom-bap shit. Big ugly drunken drums, over spaced out, chopped samples run through pedals and totally reconfigured into distorted madness. No Pro-Tools plug-in magic here, just straight MPC work. The grimy shit, beautiful ugly music. Pretty weird, the only way to make a Beefheart tribute, I guess. It's been a tough week trying to get this finished, but I'm glad to have it all done. This one's for you Beefheart, hope you like it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best of Free Music 2010? Damn!

I just wanted to thank the folks over at IMPOSE MAGAZINE for voting my "Creative Controlled" project one of the best free downloads of the year. It means a lot, and it's very awesome. Check more stuff they thought was cool HERE. There's some good shit on there. Those fools got good taste.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Al Lover X Captain Beefheart - Where There's a Woman

Where There's A Woman by Al Lover

This is the first track from the upcoming album "Safe as Milk Replica" that I'm making in honor of the late, great Captain Beefheart. The man was a true innovator, and he deserves to be honored for his important contributions to music. This is my way of doing that, by cutting it up and gluing it back together all fucked up and weird. What can I say, it's all I know. For the next week I will be reworking his album "Safe As Milk" and will release the full results on Monday Dec. 27th for free download. In no way do I intend to try to outshine the works on this record, it might be one of the most perfect Rock albums ever made, I just wish to tip the old hat to the guy for a job well done. "Good show sir, you made some of the best music ever produced on this earth. Your efforts were not in vain." This is in my opinion is a way to help preserve the great works of the past, and help share them with more people. If this effort makes at least one person who hasn't heard of Beefheart go back and explore his works, than I have done my job. I remember as a kid my dad always talking this guy up(Pops was, and is still a big Zappa Fan). It wasn't till I was in my late teens when I picked up one of his albums, "Trout Mask Replica", and I was Like "What the Fuck was this cat up to? He's fuckin' insane!" Truly original music. Some of the best shit ever. "Safe as Milk" is an incredible album, and I advise everyone who likes any sort of music to pick up a copy and bump that shit loud as fuck.