Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bun-B and Mike Joooooones!

     Last Saturday I got a chance to see on of my all time favorite emcees, Bun-B, and I was not disappointed. We (Micah, Alex, me, and Keith) got in to the show free thanks to Ben at The Hundreds LA. Bun actually came into the store and got a grip of clothes earlier that day, one outfit of which he rocked at the show. Apparently he loves the brand and stops by the shop whenever he's in town. Needless to say he killed it, and surprisingly so did Mike Jones. Now, I'm not the biggest Mike Jones fan, but dude ripped it, even if he does look like a skinny Tracy Morgan. I had a great time and got way too drunk, thanks to the credit card minimum at the bar. The video does not do the show justice, for it sounds like shit and cuts out early because I forgot to recharge the batteries, what ever, at least I got a few flicks. 

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