Saturday, May 30, 2009

Topr's Going Away Party

     Last night was Topr's going away party at 111 Minna.... what a night. Once again, I shouldn't open a tab at the bar, for I tend to spend, hence angering Nina when I come home drunk at three a.m. with beer and pizza breath. The show was great, all the acts killed it, and the vibe was good, I even saw a cat fight break out in the middle of the floor (crazy bitches). It was good to rap with the Fam again, and we got a great response from the crowd. The live painting provided by Sorrow and Sam Flores was real tight and the art hanging was pretty cool as well. All in all it seemed to be a great night for everyone. Peace out Topr, you fat fuck. We'll miss you, kind of.

Gas Mask Colony

Fist Family

Rec League

Delinquent Monastery 


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