Thursday, June 10, 2010

Al Lover - Woodsist Remixed Free Download

This is a project I threw together over the last few weeks. Woodsist is a great label out of Brooklyn, NY that is really doing some interesting stuff right now. Everything they put out is worth a listen, if not really good. I feel like this is the kind of stuff Hip-Hop producers will be looking to sample 20 years from now. Anyhow, I like the music and decided to remix some of the best tracks from a few of the releases on the label. Super low-fi, off-kilter, distortion heavy, weirdo shit. This is definitely an experimental approach to beat making for me.

Track Listing

The Fresh & Onlys - What Goes In Circles
Ganglians - 100 Years
Kurt Vile - Breathing Out
The Art Museums - So Your Baby Doesn't Love You Any more
Woods - Born To Lose
The Mayfair Set - 3 of Me
Moon Duo - In The Trees
Meneguar - The Morning, The Night
Fergus & Geronimo - Last Letter
Meth Teeth - I Was Wrong
Wavves - Vermin
Real Estate - Black Lake
Woods - Til The Sun Rips

This is a totaly unlicensed project, and the Woodsist folks have nothing to do with it. Who knows if they would even like it.

Download the project HERE.

Here's the whole thing if you want to peep it out.

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