Monday, July 5, 2010

Shout outs

Here's A few links to some great music sites that have been kind enough to shout out this remix album. Check them out, They're really informative, and entertaining music blogs.

I love most of the songs being remixed on this album, but listening to this a very different experience. Don’t put your ears on this expecting to hear Woodsist in another light. Al has turned this into something all his own. These tracks couldn’t have been made without the originals, but something just as novel has come out of them. Fans of crate-dug instrumental antics take notice.

There are some real gems in here, and some real rough edges, which is part of what makes it fun to listen to, as a process that's taking pretty limited edit tracks and throwing them together into something kind of spooky and beat-driven.

Just after I spent the weekend in Big Sur soaking up California’s spectacular natural landscape to the tunes of Woodsist’s roster at the Henry Miller Library, this spacey remix track by coolallover conveniently entered our inbox.

Our friend Alex from Al Loversent us this awesome remix album of Woodsist tracks

Alex Gundlach made a fantastic one-track remix album of some of his favorite songs by bands released on Woodsist

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