Saturday, May 16, 2009

Space Gallery show

     Thursday night was a blast! We had a great show,  I wanna give a thanks to all the folks that came through. Everyone murdered it, I forgot to get Nina to take pictures of me while I rapped. Oh well, another day perhaps. The night stared off a little rocky due to the fact that the turntables where hooked up incorrectly, but Philo being the natural born sound man that he is fixed that up right quick. So I opened the show, and had a great response. It's been quite some time since I've rapped. I wasn't sure about how it would go, but I killed it, naturally. Linus of the Axerats (minus Richard Blick) was next, He straight smashed that shit. It was his best performance that I've seen to date and I was super stoked. Ed Shrader followed with a really awesome and funny set consisting of just him drumming, singing and screaming. It reminded me of The Stooges minus Guitar and bass, really great. Next, Height with Friends wrecked shop, this dude is one of my favorite emcees out and goes hard every show I've seen, they had a great stage performance, and dynamic. Real fun. Crazy Mob finished off the night with some southern fried, mobbed out, drunken, rap extravaganza.  They killed it in true Fist Family fashion. Hype set, I'm really feeling what these cats are doing with this project. Way to hustle, fellows. Anyhow, check the photos and the video to catch a snippet of pure rap thunder! 

Oh no you didn't!   
Nina calmed down after a beer or two
Rex, and J-eaze
Buy that shit!
Ed Shrader, Height, and Gavin
Joya, Monique, and Philo
Micah Aza, and Ronny Mac
Nina remembered what I had said
Dustin, Phi, Joy (I think), and Dorian 
Best hat ever
Linus, and Elise
Bobby Hundreds stopped through and took some flicks for the website 
Alexander Spit, and Dustin
My one beer, gone in a flash
Linus of The Axerats

Ed Shrader

Height with Friends

Dancin' fools

Crazy Mob

Shouts out to Bobby for the video

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