Saturday, June 6, 2009

We on a Mission.... in the Mission

     So, last night I got off work and headed over to the Philo's crib to get some flicks of Ironfist workin' on a new song. It's been a hot minute since they have, so I wanted to document it. We chilled for a bit, and instead listened to old Fist Family songs. Philo was bumpin' shit I had even forgotten recording, super cutty tracks. After that we headed to some hipster party to link up with Dorian, but that shit was just goofy and filled with youngsters. I saw at least seven girls with that stupid shave half of your head haircut and was pretty over it. The house was super tight though and they had it set up like a gallery of sorts with art hanging all around. Pretty cool. After the party Philo and I met up with Linus and headed back to the lab for some late night midi sessions. I shouldn't drink and try to program drums though, bad combo, but it was still fun.  


The dance revolution will not be televised.
Hipster twins!
Cool people.

Party's over.

Os Gemeos!

Drunk people!

Back to the lab.

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